Customer Testimonials



Great people in Butler’s service department.  Kathleen and Mark, you’re the best.
– – Dave M., September 2014

We’ve always had exquisite treatment at Butler Kia!
– – Clyde W., September 2014

Good team at Kia.  Very satisfied with [the] experience, feel I can trust you with my car.
  – – Susanne M., September 2014

Service person greeted me by name as I walked in the door before I ever got to the service desk.  He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful explaining all parts of the necessary work.
  – – Michael P., September 2014

They are always very nice and helpful.  I feel confident taking my car there.
  – – Paula C., September 2014

I’ve purchased 4 new Kias from Butler Kia and have all them serviced by the dealer.  I always have pleasant experience at the dealer, and the receptionist, Kathleen, always greets me by my first name, which is very pleasant.
– – John C., September 2014

I would really like to commend everyone in the service department who went the extra mile to show me how to use all the neat things that my vehicle will do.  Everyone at the dealership gets a big thumbs up.  
– – David R., September 2014

Completed remodel of facility is very attractive and comfortable for customers.  Like that there is a table to work at and separate seating from TV.
– – Nancy S., September 2014

I was very pleased with the customer service, especially by the male attendant.  This man was very professional, personable, and respectful throughout the entire process.  His service and the state of my vehicle after the oil change made the experience and the trip worth the while.  
– Hadin B., August 2014

Keep up the good work.  Very satisfied.
– – Arthur F., August 2014

Great service, just like always.
– – Sherryll B., August 2014

– – Jessica D., August 2014

The staff is top notch, best service I’ve ever had.  The Butler Ford group really cares, from their lot person to management.  
– – Richard B., August 2014

Always a good experience at Butler Ford.  
– – Mary E., August 2014

Would not go anywhere else.  Everyone is very nice.  
– – Susan H., August 2014

Butler Ford is a great place to do business and I will work with them again.  Dave Peterson is a great person to work with.  
– – Mr. and Mrs. Robert S., August 2014

Why go anywhere else?  
– – Billy E., August 2014

My experience with Butler Hyundai cannot be bettered.  
– – Rachel A., July 2014

 Everything was great. Was out 10 min earlier than expected. Had a free oil change and check after initial purchase.  
– – Mary W., July 2014

 All services on my 2011 Sonata will be at Butler Hyundai. I enjoy going there, people are friendly, they take the time to talk, answer questions.  
– – William F., July 2014

 They have a great team.  Lisa has been there from day one for me. Beau is new but a wonderful addition. 
– – Bobbie P., July 2014

 Excellent work in all areas!  
– – Stephen S., June 2014

 Great Service. Thanks, Beau and Curtis!  
– – Gregory S., June 2014

 The service was excellent.  
– – Jean H., June 2014

This dealership is great.
— Mildred M., May 2014

The dealership is impressive! Everyone working there is really nice.
– – Terry H., May 2014

Wonderful service.
– – Mary J., April 2014

Everything was great. Can’t think of anything that would make it better.
– – Connie H., March 2014

You can’t improve excellence! Great staff at Butler Hyundai!
– – Marilyn B., March 2014

Recently I bought a car at Butler Kia.  In addition to having a good experience with Chris Soles and Scott Pangburn in sales, both of whom did their best to help me buy a car.
I want to comment specifically  on Mark Retter in service. Both my wife and I have had lots of dealings with Mark.  My wife with her Amanti and now me with my Hyundai.  He’s always been both friendly and professional.  Example, Just the other day he went out of his way to satisfactorily deal with a comment/inquiry  I made about my new car.
So, since it seems that most often car dealers get nasty reviews, we felt we should let you know that at least a three of your folks are doing it right.  And I mustn’t forget John Stafford who made the paper work process go smoothly.
And to top it off, I like the car.
– – Steve J., March 2014

Very courteous techs, knowledgeable on servicing and maintenance.
– – George D., December 2014

Outstanding service!
– – Michael M., December 2013

Mark Ritter, the service manager, was outstanding in his service and explanations.
– – Robert J., December 2013

I certainly appreciate the service department being able to “fit me in” on a busy day.  I live a considerable distance from Medford and the responsiveness of the staff was great.
– – George S., December 2013

I had one of the best experiences with this dealership.
– – Tiney S., December 2013

I love my truck and Butler Ford.
– – Leigh J., December 2013

The service people are outstanding!
– – Robert H., November 2013

Those guys are terrific.  [They] got my truck finished quicker than they said [and were] very polite, friendly and trustworthy.
– – Jeremy D., November 2013

Lisa [Graham, Service Advisor] was amazing and very helpful.
– – Cordy C., October 2013

I enjoy working with Butler Ford’s service team.
– – Andrew H., September 2013

We were surprised and pleased to find out that Butler Ford offered us several more free oil changes and inspections.
– – Gary W., September 2013

I am extremely satisfied with the service and my car!!
– – Linda N., August 2013

You guys are really efficient, have great staff, and I love my car.  I can’t tell you how much I love my 2011 Sonata 2.0 Limited Edition.  Everything I could want in a car.  It’s wonderful.
– – Bobbie Lynn P., July 2013

I was totally satisfied with the service visit in all respects.  I don’t think it could be improved on.  Thanks.
– – James M., July 2013

I’m always treated great at Butler.  Mike Parker and all the service people are very helpful.
– – Mark D., July 2013

I have always had excellent service and very courteous/polite help.  The service manager does a great job!  That’s why I drive the extra miles to have my car taken care of in Ashland instead of Medford.
– – Diane C., June 2013

 Just keep up the great work.  Your results are impressive.
– – Carol C., June 2013

Very friendly staff.  Will go back as needed.
– – Scott. S., May 2013

I am HAPPY with the service they give me.
– – William F., May 2013

Just wanted you folks to know that I continue to receive outstanding service from Paul, and today Richard [at Butler Ford], as well.  They have been exceptional.
– – Russ J., February 2013

We went to Medford yesterday to use some coupons we had…one was for a free lube and check at Butler Hyundai. They did it while we sat in their luxurious waiting room with TV and sipped on gourmet coffee/hot chocolate. When he said they were done, I offered him a $5 tip, and he refused it with a smile and said, “I don’t take tips for doing my job!” I was floored! Then he gave us a card for a free car wash! A big high five to this company, doing things right!  I am sorry I did not get your name, but you know who you are!  😉
Very Gratefully,
Barb and Roy M., February 2013

I just wanted to tell someone that I recently had my ’04 Acura TSX in for service and that my experience was excellent.  I plan on buying a new Acura next year and have no doubt that I will go back to you for that.  Thank you, Joe Butterfield, for all your help.  The air conditioning is working perfect!!!  Thank you!!
– – Joyce B., June 2012

Service advisor Paul was best I have ever found. Went way out of his way to help me  get my truck back on the road!
– – John W., January 2012

We continually purchase 5-pack oil changes & on this visit we used one of our oil change purchases.  We are continually a happy customer when using this facility. We are [also] thrilled with out car.  We purchased it new and have been a very satisfied customer.
– – Terry H., October 2012

We live in Roseburg, Oregon so there are no certified Hyundai dealers here.  So we decided to go to Medford for the two recalls.  The young man that checked us in and worked on the recalls was extremely polite and very friendly.  He made it a pleasant experience.  I would definitely go there again for service.
– – Lisa S., October 2012

Service department: Awesome!
– – Robert G., October 2012

Excellent Staff!!
– – Robert H., October 2012 

Butler is the best!  Butler is the best!
– – Grover C., October 2012      

 My experience has been fantastic with Butler Hyundai.
– – Amanda B., September 2012

Excellent service and courtesy were extended.
    – – Ronald R., September 2012

Outstanding service!!
– – Robert H., August 2012

The only reason I wouldn’t return to Butler is because I live in another state.  Their service department is wonderful and I’d go back there without hesitation.
– -Maggie C., August 2012

Great staff, service, and prompt.  Always available for questions.
– – Robertson C., August 2012

Can’t say enough how great Butler is to work with.  They are my “go-to” guys!
– – Sweed Machinery, Inc., July 2012

[It is] great doing business with the Butler Ford Service Department.
– – Rob C., July 2012

My F-250 was in for performance related work when it was discovered that the rear differential was shot.  To make a long story short… all of this caused my blood pressure to elevate because I had to leave with my 5th wheel by early Wednesday a.m. for my niece’s wedding.  Good ole Mr. Bennett and his sidekick, Paul, got it done in time and I picked it up at 6:00 p.m. the night before departure day. I’m writing because I couldn’t be happier with the way Richard Bennett dealt with my very stressful situation.  He was polite, professional and true to his word.  I just wanted you to know you have an outstanding employee in Richard Bennett and an excellent service department because of him!!
– – Bill L., June 2012

We were exceedingly pleased with the service!  Excellent service department!
– – Evelyn C., May 2012

The dealer was awesome!!  My brake switch failed on a Sunday afternoon and my vehicle would not start.  The service department was closed but the sales department took my car, loaned me a used car to drive so I could get to work.  The service writer called me Monday morning first thing with an update and by 11 the car was ready to be picked up.  My Sonata is my only vehicle and I rely upon it greatly so, having a local dealer that offers exceptional service is awesome!
– – Jennifer S., May 2012   

Great service, great product.
– – Dennis S., May 2012

The charges are competitive, and our car has never been been taken to other than the original dealer since [it was] new.  Efforts are much appreciated.
– – Ronald R., May 2012  

[I am] totally satisfied.  Very professional.  Keep up the good work.
– – Robert R., April 2012          

 I am more than happy to drive over 20 miles away to Butler Ford so that I can have the experience of using their wonderful service department.  I trust their service advisers and their technicians to properly service and repair my vehicle for years to come.
– – Terry K., April 2012

Alan and the other staff are very courteous and helpful.  They are very accommodating of my schedule.  I really appreciate the use of the loaner car.
– – Sandra M., March 2012

Alan Cartwright, service adviser, and mechanics were very helpful in uncovering the reasons why my alert lights were on.  They were efficient and competent.  I also enjoyed how empathetic they were for the situation.  Thanks.
|– – Jenny B., March 2012

I absolutely love my new car and am confident Butler will give me any help I will need to maintain my vehicle.
– – Karen S., March 2012

Butler has made my experience buying and owning a car the best.  They were courteous and considerate.  The service department was nice and did a great job and made my experience very pleasant.  I would definitely recommend them to everyone.
– – Donna W., March 2012

Butler did a great job.
– – Daniel L., March 2012

– – Ria F., March 2012

We at RVMC Sr. Transportation office would like to thank you so much for fixing our passenger door lock on one of our vans last week.  We and our drivers appreciate your service.
Thank you so much,
– – Sharon and June, RVMC Sr. Transportation Office, March 2012

They always make me feel welcome and are great to my 6 year old son who always has too many questions!  I am always happy when I leave!
– – Angela F., February 2012

We drive 3.5 hours to this dealership and feel it is worth it.  Always treated professionally and courteously.  I’m an ex auto mechanic/dealership mechanic and am very impressed with the way these people go out of their way to meet our vehicle needs.  And we’re tickled with the [Hyundai]Veloster…what a great little car!
– – Earl G., January 2012

This dealership is my place of preference for vehicle maintenance or to purchase a new vehicle because they are the best!  
 – – Baxter v., January 2012

For Heaven’s sake, the company was perfect!
– – John. B., January 2012

I live an hour away from the dealership but would definitely return for medium to major maintenance.
– – Timothy D., January 2012

Always courteous and knowledgable.
– – Perry H., January 2012

Butler is great.  I trust they will do the work needed correctly.
– – Grover C., January 2012

Good job, Butler, as always.
– – Mark D., January 2012

Very happy with dealer services and Hyundai products.
– – William F., January 2012

I just want to commend your whole staff.  My car got rear-ended and you guys took care of it.  Gold stars for everyone!
– – Eileen S., January 2012

We are really happy with the service at Butler.
– – Robert K., December 2011

I am always satisfied with my Hyundai service.
– – Billy S., December 2011

Thanks ever so much for repairing our Ford Edge.  Runs great.
– – Rob and Doris M., December 2011
(This letter was delivered to our technician Jason Ramsey along with a bottle of premium champagne.  Rob and Doris said every once in a while they run across someone who changes their life, and that Jason was one of those people.)

The staff worked around me and what I had to do that day.  They made it so easy… thank you.
– – Kathy H., November 2011

The staff at Butler are great!  Rich and Paul make me feel at home.  I can trust their opinion and feel comfortable referring family and friends to them. Keep up the great work, Butler Service Department!
– – Joel N., October 2011

Keep doing what you’re doing.  When I purchase my next vehicle I will give Hyundai first chance to work out a deal.
– – William E., October 2011

Service people are always friendly and helpful at Butler Hyundai.
– – Judy G., October 2011

Just a note to thank you for your help towards having Ford pay for the repair work on our pickup.
All your efforts were greatly appreciated.
Again, thanks!!!

– – Bob and Carol H., September 2011

Dear Paul,
Thank you for doing such a powerful good job on our Mercury Villager!  It got us all the say to Los Gatos and back – a trip of 800 miles.

– – Katherine R., September 2011

Customer Service was excellent.
– – Ken D., September 2011

Very pleased with everyone.
– – Joan E., September 2011

Much better experience than I have had with other dealerships.  Very professional, no games, I was treated with courtesy and respect.  I am perfectly happy with Butler Ford and their service department.
– – Gretchen V., September 2011

They did everything they could possibly do.  I was very satisfied.
– – Allen C., September 2011

Everyone is so friendly.  It’s a pleasure to get the oil changed.  Thank you to all involved.
– – Paul M., August 2011

Paul (Welch) and Richard (Bennett) treated me with much care and concern.  Will always take our Fords to Butler Ford.
– – Guy F., August 2011

The Ford Service Manager was very nice.
 – – Rod M., August 2011

I love the staff – they are very thorough and I trust them to be honest with me and do what’s best for me and my vehicle.
– – Kim K., July 2011

We were traveling and had a service issue because of fueling.  I do not live in this area but if I did I would definitely return for my automotive needs.  Move this dealership to Delaware.  They are far more honest and efficient than the dealership I currently have to deal with.
– – Lane S., June 2011

Sincerely thank you, guys, for a wonderful job!  Professional work well done.  Considering what my car looked like a month ago, I wish I had taken pictures to truly appreciate your work.  Thanks again.”
– – Jim, G., A very satisfied customer!, June 2011

“Thank you for returning our four wheeler to new.  It works great.”
– – Paul and Vicki F., June 2011

–  – William R., June 2011


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