Preserving the Life of Your Vehicle

Earlier this year reported that Americans are keeping their vehicles longer than ever– just under 11 years.  Visit your local used car lot and you’ll see that trend represented in a decreased supply.  The inventory that is available often sports higher than usual odometer readings.  So, if we’re hanging on to our cars longer than ever it would behoove us to take care of them, yes?

Our plan here was to assemble a list of basic car-care tips culled from a variety of sources.  But then we stumbled upon one website that did such a comprehensive job of wrapping up automotive maintenance and care that knew we couldn’t top it.  Thanks to Reader’s Digest for this list of “74 Car Care Tips to Keep Your Automobile in Topnotch Condition”:

P.S.  We’d love to hear how you take care of your car or truck… did this list miss anything?

More Men Than Women Rely on Their GPS

A new study by the Australian Association for Motor Insurers (AAMI) finds that a significantly higher percentage of men than women rely on their GPS to get them where they need to go. The results show 64% of men leave the navigating up to their devices, as compared to only 50% of women.

The numbers don’t surprise us, and not because we believe the stereotype that says men won’t ask for directions (…even though we’ve never witnessed it. Even Reuben Aitchison, the Corporate Affairs Manager for AAMI, admits the male desire to find one’s way by one’s self is “a point of honour, sometimes known as stubborness.”) Our opinion is that men just find the technology cool. So we conducted an informal survey that confirmed our suspicions. The guys who love their GPS say they don’t need it to get around so much as they think it’s a kick to play with. And even though they were quick to point out that GPS directions are not always dependable (which may be why women are less likely to use them), we have to give guys props for attempting to make the trip as fun as possible.

How important is your GPS? Is it your primary means of navigation? Or do you have a map handy, just in case?

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