Butler Collision Center Uses Only Water-Based Paint

BodyShop-7 flippedDid you know Butler Collision Center uses only environmentally friendly waterborne paint>  In 2012 we made the decision to stop using eurythane-based paint in favor of products that are water-based.  Butler Collision Center manager Guy Fowler was excited.   “I feel really good about this switch,” he said.  “I think it’s a really good move.”

IMG_5760Like many house paints, automotive base coats require thinning. Until recently, eurythane has been the most common solvent.  But eurythane paints take longer to dry, are harder to apply evenly, are toxic to the environment, and emit a hazardous vapor.  Waterborne paints, on the other hand, dry within minutes, apply evenly, emit little to no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dispense only water vapor which poses no threat to painter’s health.

IMG_5773Fowler says waterborne paint has the added benefit of improving paint’s appearance, leaving freshly applied color clean, uniform, and at no risk of “die-back”, the frustrating tendency of some paint to lose brightness and depth over time. “The product looks really good.  I mean, really good… best I’ve seen,” he says.  Fowler adds that the switch to  will not affect customers’ paint costs.

Butler’s switch to waterborne paint had been in the works for a couple years.  While products like Lesonal have been in use in Europe for nearly two decades,  stringent EPA requirements have only recently made waterborne paints an option in the U.S.  Many shops, including Butler, tried moving to waterborne paint in the early 2000’s but found the product less than ideal.  Fowler says Butler waited until it felt confident in the new generation of waterborne paints before deciding to go that direction.

Lesonal is a product of Akzo Nobel, the largest coating company in the world.