Air Bag Safety

air bagsThere’s no question that advances in automotive safety technology have made the time we spend behind the wheel less dangerous. But, in the case of air bags the safety system can cause it’s own damage. Considering that air bags deploy at up to 200 miles an hour, and use nitrogen to do so, drivers sitting too close to the steering wheel can be seriously hurt. The following is a list offered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to keep you and your loved ones from incurring unnecessary air bag injuries.

Child Safety Points

  • Children 12 and under should ride buckled up in a rear seat.
  • Infants in rear facing child safety seats should NEVER ride in the front seat of a vehicle with a passenger side air bag.
  • Small children should ride in a rear seat in child safety seats approved for their age and size .
  • If a child over one year old must ride in the front seat with a passenger side air bag, put the child in a front facing child safety seat, a booster seat, or a correct fitting lap/shoulder belt– AND move the seat as far back as possible.

Adult Safety Points

  • Everyone should buckle up with both lap and shoulder belts on every trip. Air bags are supplemental protection devices .
  • The lap belt should be worn under the abdomen and low across the hips. The shoulder portion should come over the collar bone away from the neck and cross over the breast bone. The shoulder belt in most new cars can be adjusted on the side pillar to improve fit.
  • Driver and front passenger seats should be moved as far back as practical, particularly for shorter statured people.


Butler Ford and Acura Owner’s Open House Slated for August 2013

Ford Open HouseAcura Open HouseWe know you’re especially busy during the summer months so we’re giving you a heads up about our next Owner’s Open House well in advance. The event is geared towards customers of Butler Acura and Butler Ford but is actually open to all Butler customers of sales, service, or both! Come enjoy a light dinner, get to know other Ford customers, get answers to any questions you may have about your vehicle, tour our facilities – including the shop – even take a peek underneath a handful of new Acura and Ford vehicles while a technician points out what’s new! We cherish the opportunity to get to know you without the time constraints that apply during normal business hours. The entire evening is on us; All we ask is that you RSVP! So mark the date on your calendar: Thursday, August 8th, 2013 from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. We’re so looking forward to it!

Burnin’ Rubber

Image courtesy: / Don't let this happen to you.

Image courtesy: / Don’t let this happen to you.

We’ve had a few days to get acclimated to the abnormally hot weather in Southern Oregon so let’s take a status reading.  How are you feeling physically, mentally, emotionally?  Worn out?  Frazzled?  Ability to cope wearing thin?  You’re in good company.  We can relate and, believe it or not, so can your auto, specifically your tires.  Because hot air expands warm weather can throw your tires out of proper inflation.  So now (or  during the morning or evening when it’s cooler) is a good time to check your tire pressure.  Click here to find out why that particular reading is so important.  Trust us – this isn’t something you want to neglect.  Think you’re uncomfortable and irritated now?  Imagine how much worse it would be if you were stranded on the side of the road under this blazing sun because you’d blown a tire!