New Year’s Resolution That’s Easy To Keep

Come January first, hordes of Americans will pledge to lose weight, eat well, take better care of themselves. They’ll invest in work-out duds, how-to books, memberships to the gym. They’ll count reps, count calories, count the number of days ‘til they can put away another hot fudge sundae…

And they’ll fail.

I’m not saying you’ll be one of them; you very well may beat the odds. I’m just acknowledging that the easy part of resolutions is making them. The hard part, as with most things, is the follow-through. Anybody can give you a runner’s log but, to reap the benefits, you yourself have to hit the treadmill. No one can do it for you.

… Unless your resolution is to take better care of your car or truck. Now you’re talkin’! Because that’s one resolution you can make but someone else can make *happen*! Just drop your vehicle off at the Service Center at Butler Kia and we’ll drain and replace your oil, replace the oil filter, check your air filter, check and adjust your tire pressure, check and top off all fluids, check your battery, and conduct a multi-point inspection, starting at $29.95.

That way, between you and your wheels, at least one of you will be running consistently.


Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

Everybody has a love story about the one that got away. Mine just happens to be about a truck.

It was a 1976 Datsun Pick-up, its tall camper shell complete with moon roof. Gleaming white with dark grey interior. Bench seat, cassette deck.

But the feature I appreciated most was the smell; every time the heater ran the cab filled with the comforting aroma of warm maple syrup.

Those of you in the know are cringing here…

We spent the better part of a year together, my truck and I, racking up the typical high school memories of hauling friends to the lake, to the mall, to nowhere in particular. My pick-up was my escape, my independence, my world.

Until it fell undeniably, expensively ill.

Turns out, that savory scent I loved so much wasn’t, in fact, a blessing from the automotive gods. Instead it was a signal that the truck was burning coolant… a silent killer that, having gone (relatively) undetected, culminated in a cracked engine block, a staggering repair bill, and a crushed teenager who couldn’t (and still can’t) believe the red flag had been there since the beginning. I couldn’t afford to fix the truck so, sadly, we parted ways.

Don’t let this happen to you. Regular maintenance can help you and your wheels stay together. Let Butler help:

Fuel Filter As Important As Fuel

You don’t even think about the fact that you have to put fuel in your car or truck to keep it running. But did you know you should also be checking your fuel filter on a regular basis?
A dirty filter can allow impurities to infiltrate the engine, making the fuel less effective (think arteries and the affect cholesterol can have on *your* system). Less effective fuels means you get fewer miles for your dollar.
But regular maintenance can boost your fuel economy. And it’s as easy as scheduling on-line. Check us out at:

Why “Like” Us?

Why “Like” Us?
                 by Shannon Young for Butler Auto Group

“Something that haunts most social media panels is a  failure to explain the relevance of social media. 
Why should the average person get involved, or read?”                —

Maybe that’s an odd way to kick off the inaugural blog of The Butler Automotive Group.  But, seriously, Butler’s a group of car dealerships.  You already know dealerships sell cars.  You visit their websites when you need one, or maybe when you want one.  Otherwise, you don’t visit their websites.

But we at Butler… or more accurately, I, Shannon Young, former longtime local TV news anchor-turned-Butler spokeswoman… disagree, and I’ll tell you why. 

First, the sites I visit on a regular basis include those for NPR, People Magazine, CNN, anything related to kayaking, and, of course, Facebook.  I’m drawn to websites that enhance my life, whether with information, a break from reality, pretty pictures that remind me of my time on the water, or interaction with people who share similar interests, similar friends, similar anything.

Second, I love cars.  I mean, I LOVE cars.  I can work one of those dealership options kiosks like some kids play Halo.  I love the variety of styles, the niche markets, the sheer multitude of possibilities.  I love how each manufacturer has its followers, how we can outfit our cars to match our personality, how some people are so nuts for their ride they name it, like it’s part of the family.

So… I visit sites that enhance my life… and cars enhance my life.

I know I’m not alone.  I know there’s a truckload of as-yet-outed auto junkies out there.  I also know a good portion of you engage in some sort of ritual every day, whether it’s stopping by a coffee shop, a bagel store, or a website, not just to caffeinate, indulge in baked goods, or see who’s “liked” the latest Harry Potter flick but, to see who’s there, to talk about the weather, to connect… with someone, somewhere who shares something in common.  

Guess what.  Your vehicle connects you, literally in that it gets you places but, also figuratively.  You have something in common with every other human being who’s ever owned a car.  Yeah.  Whoa.

So what better place to start building a relationship than right here?

Butler and I, we’re not just writing a blog, we’re starting a conversation.  And with you in the mix, we might just enhance each other’s life.

Guess that brings us to the beginning: Hi, I’m Shannon.  You already know what lights my fire.  Now, tell us what lights yours…