All Had Fun at Hyundai Open House

IMG_3615Thank you to everyone who attended last night’s Butler Hyundai Open House!  We loved chatting with you, getting to know why you fell for your vehicle, helping you with your questions and concerns, and sharing a little about why we enjoy doing what we do.  We look forward to seeing you again at future events!

Caring for a Convertible Top

The Jeep top's always down... and dirty.

The Jeep top’s always down… and dirty.

There are few occasions that warrant putting a Jeep top up.  Temperatures in the 40’s… maybe.  Torrential rain… oh, okay.  Snow… definately.  But that’s about it.  What’s the point of having a convertible if you’re not going to go topless, right?  But because my Jeep top is so infrequently overhead it rarely gets much attention.  Which may explain the painfully poor condition it’s in.

I never considered that the fabric top might need some kind of extra care.  Now that my mistake is blatantly clear, however, I’m in the market for a new one… and reading up on ways to keep it looking new.  Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind, and links to a few articles that expand on the subject even further.

1.  Keep top and the parts of the car it covers/contacts clear of dirt and dust

2.  Use a diluted all-purpose cleanser and brush on the body of the top.  If the top is made of fabric you’ll want to use a softer brush than you would on vinyl.

3.  Avoid using regular cleaners, brushes, and rough fabrics or sponges on plastic windows which can scratch, cloud, and streak easily.  Look for products specifically made to clean clear plastic.

4. Keep moving parts lubricated

5.  Use a tarp or cover to protect top from sun damage.

For more specifics visit these sites:

Help Butler Hyundai Ring in Fall

HyundaiPostcard copyIt’s been almost 7 months since our last Butler Hyundai Owner’s Open House and we are feelin’ it! We dislike being out of contact with our customers that long and look forward to chatting face-to-face again and getting caught up. If you’ve purchased any vehicle or had service work done at Butler Hyundai in Medford, you’re invited! The party’s Thursday, September 26th. All we ask is that you RSVP a couple days ahead of time so we can be prepared with enough food for everyone. See you then!

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The ‘Prepared-for-Anything’ Road Kit

Yes, this will be part of my emergency road kit.

Yes, this will be part of my emergency road kit.

I learned the hard way that keeping anything valuable in a soft-top convertible Jeep was just asking to be burglarized.  So, the face of my 90’s era stereo pops off for safe keeping, the blanket carried for warmth on cold mornings is rattier than desirable, and the tiny tool pack wedged under the seat is nothing you couldn’t pick up for a couple bucks at any hardware store.  (The only item free-floating around the vehicle is a junior sized University of Oregon football as I feel a woman should be prepared to play catch at a moment’s notice.)  It all feels simple, compact, and utilitarian.  But lurking in the back of my mind is the knowledge that I should be carrying a whole lot more, even if that means investing in a locking storage box and using up the already miniscule amount of space behind the back seat.

Come winter (when the hard-top’s on) I do carry an emergency road kit designed for cold-weather travel.  To get started building your own click here for a good starter list.  For additional guidance we turned to which has assembled an even more comprehensive menu covering everything from safety and maintenance to shopping preparedness and comfort.  Click here for a look.

And don’t forget the football.