Save on Auto Parts, Accessories, and Service Through Costco!

Costco 1You may already know you can buy a car, truck or SUV through the Costco Auto Program. But did you know you can also save on repairs, servicing, and accessories for that vehicle, or any other vehicle you own, through the same program? It’s true! Costco members can save up to 15% at participating auto dealers and service centers like Butler Auto Group! To find out more visit Costco’s Auto Program website or call one of Butler’s Service Centers for details.

Fixing a Flat Using a Tire Replacement Kit

In the interest of better fuel efficiency many auto makers are removing weight from their vehicles wherever possible. One of the most obvious offenders is the spare tire. Companies like Kia are doing away with the spare in certain models in favor of a considerably lighter tire replacement kit. Ideally, you already know whether your vehicle is equipped with an actual tire or a kit. If you don’t, go check. You don’t want to find out after blowing a tire on a deserted country road that you have no idea how to get your vehicle back up and running. We don’t want that, either! That’s why we’re providing you with these videos to at least get you familiar with the process for both.

Kia Canada put together this video showing how to use the kit.

For those of you who do carry a spare tire, offers this refresher course on changing out a flat.

Dictionary of Auto Terms

If you’ve ever taken your vehicle in for service and found yourself hearing the service writer explaining what needs to be done but not understanding a word, you are in good company. When techs start talking auto-speak it can sound like a foreign language. So, do what you’d do if you were traveling overseas and take a dictionary! AAA put together a good one. The Auto Repair Glossary defines the purpose of the air filter to the wheel and everything in between.  Print it and take it with you to the dealership or service center and reduce the anxiety that comes from being charged for something you don’t fully understand.  And, if you feel like you’d like a more thorough explanation, don’t hesitate to give Butler’s Service Centers a call.

Stopping Distance Increases in the Rain

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Soggy spring weather is upon us!  While the return of Oregon rain is refreshing it’s also dangerous; Suddenly moist roads are harder to stop on and worn tires only exacerbate the problem. So please, take a look at the graphic above, check your tire tread, and reconsider the distance it takes you to stop on wet pavement verses dry.   Maybe you’ll decide to invest in a new set of tires.  At the very least, maybe you’ll give yourself extra time to stop.  And enjoy the new season!