Butler Hyundai’s August 2014 Open House Biggest Yet!

IMG_7339Huge thanks to everyone who joined us last night for our biggest and best Butler Hyundai Open House yet! We started early, stayed late, and had nothing but fun in between! If we missed you stay tuned for information about the grand opening of the new showroom coming up next month. In the meantime, enjoy these snapshots from last night.

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Phase 2 of Butler Hyundai Remodel: Service Area Makeover

The newly-renovated Butler Hyundai service lounge... It's coming together!

The newly-renovated Butler Hyundai service lounge… It’s coming together!

Now that phase 1 of our Butler Hyundai showroom addition is complete we’ve moved on to Phase 2, the Service area makeover! Our goal is to make this space as inviting and comfortable for you as possible. Here’s our progress so far.

August 2014 Hyundai Open House to Double as Grand Opening

HyundaiEBlast_JOIN US 2014It’s Open House time at Butler Hyundai again but this event is different from the others in that it’s also doubling as the soft grand opening of our new showroom! It’ll be the same, though, in that we’ll offer great food, quality raffle prizes (for free!) and all of our sales and service staff to answer your questions and help you get to know your vehicle inside and out. RSVP by Monday, August 18th… and bring a friend!

Australian Man Gives New Meaning to Phrase “Motor Mouth”

Today’s entry is a blatant steal from autoblog but we don’t imagine the on-line magazine would mind since ultimately this share enhances happiness and appreciation, at least among fans of automobiles and automobile impressions. The star of the video is Daniel Jovanov, a man who’s nearly perfected the art of imitating car sounds with his mouth.  He’s so good he’s taken his skills to the TV show Australia’s Got Talent.  If you consider yourself an expert on engine identification listen to the video with your eyes closed to see if you can determine which car Jovanov is “performing”.  Then, watch again to see if you’re right!