Do-it-Yourself Auto Repair at its Worst

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After possibly stranding you on some remote road the worst thing about needing auto repairs is that you can rarely do them yourself.  Or can you…?  Sometimes duct tape, plastic wrap, and a little imagination are all you need!  Butler Acura master technician Chris May drew our attention with a Facebook post about just that subject.  He directed us towards the Chop Shop blog.  But plenty of other on-line publications have focused on the no-doubt humorous but frequently cringe-worthy topic, as well.  Here are some of our favorites.

The Chop Shop blog, “The 40 Worst DIY Car Repairs”

Jalopnik, “The Ten Worst ‘There, I Fixed it’ Car Repairs”

Jalopnik, “Ten Heroic Duct Tape Car Repairs”

Epic Car Fail Compilation

Junk Car Buyers NC, “Best Duct Tape Car Repairs”

Redneck Auto Repairs

Butler Automotive Group Sells Parts

By now you’ve heard us talk a lot about Butler’s four service center locations (two in Medford, two in Ashland) and how they can work on any and all makes and models. But maybe you’re one of those people who likes to do the work yourself. If so, you can make us your supplier because Butler also offers parts departments in each of those service center locations: Butler Ford, Butler Acura, Butler Hyundai and Butler Kia. We also sell Suzuki parts. Pick your location and give one of the guys above a call.  Butler Hyundai – 541.245.5335. Butler Kia – 541.776.3088.   Butler Ford and Acura: 541.482.2521.

Photos from April 2013 Butler Kia Open House… Finally!

IMG_2351Now that the days are getting warmer and staying light longer our evening Open House events are even more enjoyable.  Dozens of people turned out for our last party at Butler Kia to learn about their vehicle, socialize and snack… and experience our renovated customer lounge!  We’d have had the photos up sooner if there weren’t so many other things going on.  But, you know what they say:  Better late than never!  Hope to see you at the next Open House on Thursday, June 20th, 2013 at Butler Ford and Acura in Ashland.  Watch our facebook page and this blog fo the details!

Meet Butler Hyundai Service Advisor Mike Parker

Mike Parker web versionYou may recognize Mike Parker. While he now calls the service desk at Butler Hyundai home, he’s worked retail in the Rogue Valley for many years and even put his advertising skills to use on camera. It all started when the Berkeley, California-born Mike graduated from the University of San Francisco. A degree in Human Relations and Business Management landed him at Chevron working in international oil tanker operations. Then Mike moved to Medford and into electronics. You may have seen him in television ads for Sheckell’s during the early ‘90s. He’s also done marketing and sales for Pro Wireless, Medford Cellular, and a handful of Southern Oregon radio stations. The shops may have changed but each location provided Mike with the opportunity to do what he loves best. “I get a super thrill out of giving to and helping people”, he says.

Another constant in Mike’s life is his love of cars. Over the years he says he’s purchased 15 vehicles, including performance cars, from Butler Automotive Group. He must have passed on those genes because his son now works in automotive IT in Roseburg. Two step-daughters round out the family. And when there’s time to spare you’ll find Mike on the golf course or traveling, especially if a stop on the Big Island of Hawaii is on the itinerary.