Stopping Distance Doubles in Wet Weather

wet truckGiven that April, the month known for showers, is right around the corner we thought we’d remind you how important it is to pay attention while driving in the rain. Not only is visibility shortened but the distance it takes your vehicle to stop is double that of fair weather driving. The chart below represents stopping distances in dry conditions. DOUBLE these distances for driving on a wet surface. Be safe this Spring!




Butler Kia Renovates Service Area

IMG_2267We know waiting while your oil gets changed or your tires rotated isn’t always fun, and often takes more time than you’d hoped. That’s why Butler Automotive Group is making its service areas more comfortable and user-friendly. The latest Butler store to get a facelift is Butler Kia. You’ll immdiately notice the new paint job (we’re working on getting artwork on the walls). We’ve also incorporated the parts and service departments into one area and made them easily accessible to the customer lounge where you’ll find TV, the latest reading materials, a play-space for kids, and all the free coffee, tea and hot cocoa you could ever need. We hope your time with us is enjoyable and, if there’s anything else you need, just ask!

Customers Are Becoming Happier with Dealership Service Departments

Richard, Iman and Paul smiling from behind the Butler Ford service desk.

Richard, Iman and Paul smiling from behind the Butler Ford service desk.

It’s always our goal that you, the customer, leave our service department happy.  We know it can’t happen 100% of the time but we sure aim that high.  So, we’re extremely pleased to see J.D. Power and Associates‘ latest Customer Service Index Study which shows customer satisfaction with dealer service departments is increasing.  The report represents feedback from 91,000 customers who had their vehicle repaired or serviced at a dealer during the first three years of ownership.  Click here to read more about the study’s results.  Inthe meantime, we want to know how we can make your service experience even better!  Drop us a line at


To EV or Not to EV

2013 Ford Focus Electric

2013 Ford Focus Electric

With the ever fluctuating price of fuel ditching your gasoline engine in favor of an electric vehicle (EV) may be looking like a pretty good option. But it’s not that simple. There are things you need to know, specifically about factors that will affect range and the manufacture’s estimated MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent).

Electric vehicles are designed for niche markets and tend to be most efficient when driving on flat ground in a city setting. You’ll also have to consider what and who you’ll be hauling – if you think your EV would be great to carpool with your four burly buddies you’ll need to take into account how much they – and you – weigh. Or maybe you’re in sales and plan to load the cargo area with inventory. Again, weight will affect your EV’s efficiency.

Before you buy, spend some time cruising around You’ll find vehicle reviews, technology explanations, news, forums and a whole lot more. And if you do go electric (or hybrid) don’t forget to look into federal tax incentives. Pacific Power offers a breakdown of federal and state benefits and incentives.

Butler Hyundai Promotes Female Mechanic to Service Advisor

LisaButler Hyundai is excited to welcome Lisa Graham to the ranks of Service Advisor. Graham has been with Butler since 2009 when she was hired out of the RCC Automotive Program as a service technician. But her communication skills make her an asset in working with customers so Butler Auto Group owner, Chuck Butler, convinced her to hang up her toolbox in February 2013.
As a service advisor, Graham is a customer advocate. But her years as a mechanic give her the added knowledge to help customers understand what’s going on with their vehicle. “Her technical experience, the fact that she was a technician, is a great advantage,” says Warren Cooper, Butler’s Managing Partner. “It’s not unusual to encounter a female service advisor but it’s rare to find one who’s worked on cars.”
Graham, who has a history of service experience in the banking industry, likes interacting with customers. “I deal with whatever they need, try to make them happy to the best of my ability.” But that toolbox she hung up at work? She laughs and says, “I break it out on weekends.”