Butler Techs Nail No-Shave-November Before Month Even Starts

Iman and Oscar contemplating their burliness

Iman and Oscar contemplating their burliness

It’s the last day of October 2014, one day before the official start of “No Shave November”, but two Butler technicians are already rocking a serious amount of facial hair. Iman Pirasteh and Oscar Malfavon are famous around the Butler campus for not only their ability to grow a seriously healthy beard but for the speed with which said beard appears. Oscar’s been working on his masterpiece for a good six months but Iman’s only been forgoing the razor for a couple weeks.

Depending on who you ask, the No Shave phenomenon formerly known as “Movember” (a mashup of the words “mustache”‘ and “November”), is either an opportunity to show support for, and raise awareness of, cancer, or a good excuse to be lazy. Iman and Oscar like the idea that their decreased personal grooming is somehow in line with the American Cancer Society’s mission while totally enjoying the social movement towards slacker-dom. In fact, Oscar’s well on his way to being able to claim a “No Shave

Recall of Vehicles Outfitted with Takata Airbags Expands

airbagIf your vehicle is equipped with an airbag we suggest you read this post immediately. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it has upped to nearly 8-million the number of vehicles that may be affected by faulty airbags built by Takata. Caranddriver.com says the airbags have the potential to inflate improperly, resulting in the shrapnel-like shooting of metal fragments. The NHTSA is providing a list of potentially affected vehicles but says that list may change as more information becomes available. We advise running your vehicle’s VIN through the NHTSA’s database to see whether it falls under the recall, and then signing up for alerts so as to stay informed. You can also check your manufacturer’s website for more information.

Sources: nhtsa.gov, www.caranddriver.com

Last Butler Open House of 2014 in the Books

IMG_8359We wrapped up our Open House season last night with a delightful evening at Butler Kia. Good conversation, happy customers, and plenty of food made for the perfect event. The highlight might have been the presentation of flowers to Butler’s Service Manager, Curtis Hancock, for Boss’s Day. He just about had a heart attack when he ran across the toy snake hidden in the bouquet! Thanks to everyone who participated! See you next year!

Vanguard Pictures Brings Hot Wheels Race to Life

If you were a Hot Wheels fan as a kid today’s blog will take you back to your childhood and the dreams you poured into your tiny toy cars. That’s because the ultimate Hot Wheels race has finally been brought to reel life thanks in a short film by Vanguard Pictures. The three minute production required more than 25-thousand frames of stop animation. The result is pretty spectacular. Enjoy!

Watch Dramatic Slow-Motion Texas A&M Crash Test

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute recently posted on Youtube a video of a large truck slamming into a traffic barrier.  The crash test is part of the group’s attempt to create an effective barrier to help protect federal embassies around the globe from those who might attack by driving vehicles into them.  While we find the mission unquestionably admirable what strikes us most about this clip is how the vehicle is sheared in half upon impact.  It’s rare to witness a crash, and rarer still to see the affects of that crash in slow motion.  Just seeing the damage makes us drive with more caution.  We hope you do the same.

Last Butler Open House of 2014 to be held at Butler Kia

Can you believe we’ve almost come to the end of 2014?  To help end the year on a high note we’ll be holding our sixth and last Open House of the 2014 at Butler Kia on Thursday, October 16th.  As always, it’ll be a party that doubles for an educational opportunity!  Call or email us your RSVP today!

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