Last Butler Open House of 2014 in the Books

IMG_8359We wrapped up our Open House season last night with a delightful evening at Butler Kia. Good conversation, happy customers, and plenty of food made for the perfect event. The highlight might have been the presentation of flowers to Butler’s Service Manager, Curtis Hancock, for Boss’s Day. He just about had a heart attack when he ran across the toy snake hidden in the bouquet! Thanks to everyone who participated! See you next year!

Last Butler Open House of 2014 to be held at Butler Kia

Can you believe we’ve almost come to the end of 2014?  To help end the year on a high note we’ll be holding our sixth and last Open House of the 2014 at Butler Kia on Thursday, October 16th.  As always, it’ll be a party that doubles for an educational opportunity!  Call or email us your RSVP today!

Kia Eblast_JOIN US 2014

New and Old Friends at Butler Kia Open House

Butler owner, Linda Butler, and friend

Butler owner, Linda Butler, and friend

We at Butler Auto always enjoy our customer appreciation events because they give us a chance to get to know you better.  The more we know you the more we can meet and exceed your expectations which makes for a more fulfilling business relationship for everyone involved.  Sometimes, though, a friendship emerges, too.  That possibility is what makes our Open Houses so much fun!  Our event at Butler Kia last night was much more like a gathering of buddies than a business affair.  We caught up with old friends, made some new ones, and even got some spontaneous car repairs taken care of!  Thanks to all who attended!

Fixing a Flat Using a Tire Replacement Kit

In the interest of better fuel efficiency many auto makers are removing weight from their vehicles wherever possible. One of the most obvious offenders is the spare tire. Companies like Kia are doing away with the spare in certain models in favor of a considerably lighter tire replacement kit. Ideally, you already know whether your vehicle is equipped with an actual tire or a kit. If you don’t, go check. You don’t want to find out after blowing a tire on a deserted country road that you have no idea how to get your vehicle back up and running. We don’t want that, either! That’s why we’re providing you with these videos to at least get you familiar with the process for both.

Kia Canada put together this video showing how to use the kit.

For those of you who do carry a spare tire, offers this refresher course on changing out a flat.