Preserving the Life of Your Vehicle

Earlier this year reported that Americans are keeping their vehicles longer than ever– just under 11 years.  Visit your local used car lot and you’ll see that trend represented in a decreased supply.  The inventory that is available often sports higher than usual odometer readings.  So, if we’re hanging on to our cars longer than ever it would behoove us to take care of them, yes?

Our plan here was to assemble a list of basic car-care tips culled from a variety of sources.  But then we stumbled upon one website that did such a comprehensive job of wrapping up automotive maintenance and care that knew we couldn’t top it.  Thanks to Reader’s Digest for this list of “74 Car Care Tips to Keep Your Automobile in Topnotch Condition”:

P.S.  We’d love to hear how you take care of your car or truck… did this list miss anything?