Watch Dramatic Slow-Motion Texas A&M Crash Test

The Texas A&M Transportation Institute recently posted on Youtube a video of a large truck slamming into a traffic barrier.  The crash test is part of the group’s attempt to create an effective barrier to help protect federal embassies around the globe from those who might attack by driving vehicles into them.  While we find the mission unquestionably admirable what strikes us most about this clip is how the vehicle is sheared in half upon impact.  It’s rare to witness a crash, and rarer still to see the affects of that crash in slow motion.  Just seeing the damage makes us drive with more caution.  We hope you do the same.


Last Butler Open House of 2014 to be held at Butler Kia

Can you believe we’ve almost come to the end of 2014?  To help end the year on a high note we’ll be holding our sixth and last Open House of the 2014 at Butler Kia on Thursday, October 16th.  As always, it’ll be a party that doubles for an educational opportunity!  Call or email us your RSVP today!

Kia Eblast_JOIN US 2014

Butler Ford/Acura Open House a Blast!

IMG_7862The turnout was so great at last night’s Butler Ford/Acura Open House that there were times when it was standing room only! Thank you to everyone who showed up ready to chat, laugh, eat and learn. We always enjoy your company!

September 2014 Events at Butler Ford/Acura!

September is a busy month at Butler Ford/Acura! We have two events coming up, both of which allow us time to visit with our customers outside of the normal sales atmosphere.

FordEblast_JOIN USAcuraEblast_JOIN US 2014
First, on Thursday, September 18th we’re having another Open House. You’ll be treated to food and tours of the shop (you know you’ve always wanted see where your car or truck gets worked on!), and have the opportunity to ask questions of our entire staff. Need help pairing your phone with your vehicle, or learning how to use your spare kit? Our Open House events provide the opportunity for both, and a whole lot more. All you have to do is RSVP by the end of the day Monday, September 15, and then show up at 5:30 on the day of the event!

Second, we’re having another Drive 4 UR School to benefit Phoenix High School! Never been to a Drive 4 UR School event? It’s fun! Test drive any one of a certain selection of Fords between 10:00 and 4:00 on Saturday, September 27th, and Ford Motor Corporation will donate $20 bucks to the high school! Funds go to support sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities. There’s also food and clothing for sale, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the band showed up to provide us with some rockin’ background tunes! Come support your favorite student; It’s easy and FUN!


Protect Your Tailgate with Hinge Locks

Would you steal this tailgate?

Would you steal this tailgate?

Weird news from the National Insurance Crime Bureau has us thinking about investing in hinge locks. According the NICB tailgate thefts are up, especially in Texas where the numbers of stolen tailgates jumped more than 30% from 2012 to 20131 California and Arizona round out the top three.

Apparently there’s huge black market demand for tailgates. The NICB says anything that can be bought for a lower price on the black market ends up in demand. Others speculate that the real draw is the fiber optic technology in tailgate-mounted rear back-up cameras.

So, what can you do to prevent your gate from being lifted? Invest in hinge locks that prevent tailgates from opening. If a thief can’t open your tailgate he can’t steal it. So, buckle your truck up!

For more information and to read the NICB press release in its entirety click here.


Butler Hyundai’s August 2014 Open House Biggest Yet!

IMG_7339Huge thanks to everyone who joined us last night for our biggest and best Butler Hyundai Open House yet! We started early, stayed late, and had nothing but fun in between! If we missed you stay tuned for information about the grand opening of the new showroom coming up next month. In the meantime, enjoy these snapshots from last night.